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Pegorin and his history

Pegorin s.r.l. was founded in 1976 in San Martino di Lupari (PD). To date, thanks to the experience gained over the years and the highly dynamic organizational structure, the company is able to offer products and services of great quality. The flexibility combined with the high degree of competence achieved allow us to guarantee customer tailor-made, reliable and functional products.

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Currently Pegorin s.r.l. has its own operational and logistics structure in Via Priuli, 15 / and in Treville di Castelfranco (TV). The company mainly manufactures and sells interior doors, designed by its technical department, but also offers other products such as armored doors,  REI wood doors, doors with aluminium jamb,  REI doors – multipurpose, floors, stairs and door

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accessories, in order to cover the various market needs. Each phase, from the design, processing and painting, is carried out with procedures that guarantee a high quality standard. To all this we add a careful craftsmanship in the phases of assembly and finishing, respecting the tradition and history of the company.

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Pegorin s.r.l.’s mission has always been the achievement of high quality standards taking care of every productive, logistic and commercial aspect of its products.

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Choosing the Pegorin brand means choosing guaranteed quality products, as well as safety, technology and cutting-edge design. The philosophy of the Pegorin brand is based on

Magazzino Pegorin

respect for the quality of the product and the uniqueness of each project to meet the needs of the customer.

Magazzino Pegorin


For the sale and installation of doors, Pegorin s.r.l provides a professional service that follows the customer in all phases up to assembly and maintenance.

Measurement survey performed by our technical staff.

Production and preparation in carpentry / warehouse with qualified employees and numerical control machines.

Transport also performed by the company so that the product arrives intact and ready for the assembly phase.

Installation performed accurately and precision by qualified personnel.

After-sales assistance and product maintenance to guarantee a complete and quality service.

magazzino pegorin
magazzino Pegorin


In the showroom at the Perorin headquarters in Via Priuli, 15/e, Treville di Castelfranco (TV) you can touch the materials, finishes and types of openings offered by the company, so that

Showroom Pegorin

you can evaluate at the moment, with the help from our professionals, what kind of solution is best suited to your needs.

Showroom Pegorin
Showroom Pegorin

Long Life

Pegorin s.r.l. is official dealer LONG LIFE, an innovative decorative foil, printed and treated with resin and new generation processes, for the coating of components for doors and furniture. The production process starts with the very high resolution scanning of the original decorative materials (i.e. veneers or wooden panels, fabric, stone, etc.), continues with the engraving of the cylinders for rotogravure printing and last with the impregnation and surface treatment of the foil, which reaches

extra-ordinary characteristics, such as 3-dimensionality, different degrees of gloss opaque effects, surface resistance to abrasion and scratching, chemical resistance. These parameters have been tested and certified by C.A.T.A.S. Contact us for request more information, samples and certifications on LONG LIFE foil, or visit the website

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