soggiorno con pavimento in legno


A wooden floor gives warmth and refinement to every room, so Pegorin offers a wide range of wood parquet and high quality laminates. Thanks to its aesthetic characteristics and its grain, oak becomes the protagonist of these collections with a great variety of colors

and shades. The qualities of this essence, such as its hardness, stability and durability, lead it to be perfect for use in floors subjected to a daily trampling. At the same time, laminates line, following today’s technological and research advances, perfectly replicates

the wood and its grain, even to the touch. The surface resistance that characterizes them makes them suitable for very busy and busy spaces.

pavimento in legno
pavimento in legno
pavimento in legno

Woods Standard Line

legni standard rovere neutro

rovere neutro

legni standard rovere anticato

rovere anticato

legni standard rovere naturale

rovere naturale

legni standard rovere sbiancato

rovere sbiancato

legni standard rovere crema

rovere crema

legni standard rovere tinto noce

rovere tinto noce

legni standard rusticone


Woods Advance Line

legni advance rovere silver

rovere silver

legni advance rovere materico

rovere materico

legni advance rovere similcotto

rovere similcotto

legni advance rovere bianco

rovere bianco

legni advance rovere piallato neutro

rovere piallato neutro

Laminated Excellent AC4

laminati excellent alaska


laminati excellent lemming


Laminated Premium AC4

laminati premium rovere alpino

rovere alpino

laminati premium rovere flash

rovere flash

laminati premium rovere rich

rovere rich

laminati premium rovere topazio

rovere topazio

Laminated Platinum AC5

laminati platinum rovere spiga

rovere spiga

laminati platinum rovere zolfo

rovere zolfo

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