Linea reversibile

Reversible line

Reversible line doors are characterized by modern and essential lines that make them perfect for any type of location. What distinguishes them and makes these doors unique is the possibility to choose the opening

direction during assembly. This feature, combined with the wide range of finishes, makes this line prove to be more versatile and adaptable to any type of need.


Porta linea reversibile con finitura bianco liscio

Bianco liscio


Finishes matt white coloration.

Porta linea reversibile con finitura selenite



White stained wood, with light brushing. Horizontal vein.

Porta linea reversibile con finitura ambra



Light-colored wood with light brushing. Horizontal vein.

Hinge: hidden / anuba

Types of opening

schema porta con apertura battente

hinged door

schema apertura porta scorrevole interno muro

inner wall
sliding door

schema apertura porta scorrevole esterno muro

sliding door

schema porta con apertura a libro

folding door


modello porta base
modello porta con inserto vetro
modello porta su misura


Technical specifications

Sezione stipite porte linea reversibile

The reversible door jamb is in fir blockboard with foam gasket. The covers are made of LSB, a technological and resistant material, without formaldehyde. The panel is available with a thickness of 40 mm.


The reversible door line allows to have the hinge visible or concealed.

cerniera a vista per porte

In the first case an adjustable Anuba zipper in pressed steel with two threaded stems will be installed. The hinge is adjustable vertically by acting on the base of the hinge body and has a size of 66 mm in height and 14 mm in diameter.

cerniera a scomparsa per porte

The concealed hinge is invisible recessed and it is provided with aluminum hoods that hide the adjustment screws. The pivot point is composed of 7 fulcrums equipped with HT plastic bearings that guarantee low friction, excellent smoothness, durability, strength and high flow rate.

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