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Top line

The doors of the top line are distinguished by the high quality given by the solid wood jamb, entire for any thickness of masonry, and by the poplar plywood beading.

This feature gives structural solidity, making the product durable over time. The elegant light tone finishes give the door a modern and contemporary style, while the different types

of opening offer this line a great flexibility of use, thus adapting to different types of locations and needs.

Technical specifications

Sezione stipite per porte della linea top

The jamb of the Top line is in block board of fir 5 layers with a Schlegel gasket. It is made to measure according to the size, without the use of spreaders. From the section we can see the coplanarity between the jamb and the cover. The latter is characterized by a 12 mm thick poplar plywood telescopic cover (70 mm internal side and 90 mm external side).

The Anuba hinged doors have a door with stops, while the doors with concealed hinges have the door without stops. The honeycomb panel is available with a thickness of 44 mm, with an abs edge 10/10, spruce frame and panels in thickness 4.2 mm for the drumming.


Top Line doors are available with concealed hinges or, in some cases, also with visible hinges.

cerniera per porte a vista

In the case of visible hinges, three adjustable Anuba zippers in pressed steel with two threaded stems will be installed. The hinge is adjustable vertically by acting on the base of the hinge body.

cerniera per porte a scomparsa

Instead the concealed hinge is built in invisible and it is complete with satin aluminum covers that hide the adjustment screws. The pivot point is composed of 7 fulcrums equipped with HT plastic bearings that guarantee low friction, excellent smoothness, durability, strength and high flow rate. Three door hinges are installed.

cerniera per porta cristallo

As for the crystal door, a hinge for jambs will be installed depending on the needs. Door rotation is 180 ° and the glass thickness is 8 / 12 mm. The maximum capacity of the hinges is 60 kg per pair and the maximum width of the door 1000 mm.


The available locks for the top line are all Agb locks and are divided into magnetic, yale and the free security lock occupied.

serratura magnetica per porte

The magnetic lock is a lock with magnetic movement that allows a gentle and silent door closing. It has a stainless steel finish and is designed with innovative materials that ensure perfect operation even in the most extreme environmental situations. The magnetic latch is symmetrical so as to make the lock ambidextrous.

serratura yale per porte

The yale lock is similar to the magnetic movement lock, with the difference that in the yale we find a cylinder lock. Also in this case, the closure of the door is pleasantly muffled and silent.

For the crystal door, different types of steel or aluminum locks are available.
All models available are for doors with a thickness of 8 / 12 mm.

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